Our Values

We use our values to ensure this is a great place to work for everybody.

Our values are the foundations of our culture, the way we treat each other and the way we operate our services. They have been consistent for over 25 years and helped make our company what it is today.

Every decision made and action taken at Reed in Partnership is done so with our three principle values in mind - we are fair, open and honest; we take ownership; and we work together.

Here are some of the ways we bring our values to life:

We recognise and reward high performance

As well as job and salary progression, we run multiple initiatives designed to reward and recognise people for their hard work and high performance.

We give financial rewards across our incentive schemes, hold VIP events for high performers, and provide managers with a Motivation and Incentives Toolkit that they can use to inspire and reward their teams. Our Excellence Awards celebrate examples of great work.

Our prestigious Values Awards are a key event, celebrating people who have been nominated by their colleagues for best embodying our company values.

We place significant value on diversity

Because we serve communities of people, we build teams that are reflective of different backgrounds and identities. We value and respect our people for who they are.

Our Inclusion and Belonging Steering Committee makes sure that substantive, meaningful initiatives that progress inclusion and belonging at work are enacted.

We listen and we take action

Whatever their role, we empower our people to tell us how we can improve.

We have a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement – everyone has a voice and is encouraged to use it. We run regular satisfaction surveys and 'listen and learn' initiatives, where we ask people for their ideas on what we could be doing better.

Our Reed Think scheme invites people to submit their ideas to improve any part of the company - with the potential for financial rewards for great ideas.

We help people develop and progress

We want people who work here to be the best they can be. We provide everybody with meaningful development opportunities to help further their careers.

This includes:

  • Three different Management Academies for employees at different stages in their careers
  • Professional development funding that they can use to finance professional courses, membership to professional bodies, and work-related qualifications
  • Personal development funding, which people can use to access a wide range of non-work related learning

Diversity and inclusion

Be yourself at work – every single day.

Valuing diversity allows us to create a workplace where our people can thrive.

We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace by recognising and respecting everyone’s unique characteristics. We are proud that our people come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and are reflective of the communities we work in.

We were recognised at the UK Employee Experience Awards 2023 with a Silver award for Inclusive Employee Standards. Our approach to diversity and inclusion was also recognised in 2022.

Our diversity and inclusion commitments

  • 1

    We value workplace diversity

    We recognise everyone as an individual with their own unique experiences, personalities, identity perspectives, skills, age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity or race, disabilities, faith, and more.

  • 2

    We support workplace inclusion

    We embrace individuality in all its guises. We believe that everyone has the right to be included in our working environment, no matter their individual differences.

  • 3

    We create accessible environments

    As a Disability Confident Leader we will ensure that our environments are accessible for all.

  • 4

    We demonstrate inclusive leadership

    Our leaders and managers are champions of our inclusion and belonging agenda and are supported to lead diverse teams. We have our own Inclusion Toolkit to support them.

Our inclusion focus areas

1. Women in the workplace

Currently, 57% of our management roles are held by women. We offer a wide range of resources specifically designed to support women in the workplace including:

The Returner Mentorship Programme – a mentoring programme to support those preparing to go on, or returning from, maternity, adoption, or shared parental leave

24/7 access to Tommy’s Pregnancy at Work hotline - providing specialist advice from midwives

Our Menopause at Work Policy – we are a signatory of the Menopause Workplace Pledge and have developed a policy specifically designed to offer menopause support to women who work here. Our policy also includes practical guidance for managers.

2. Disability in the workplace

We are a Disability Confident Leader

This means we are recognised by the government as a champion for inclusion and employment opportunities for people with health conditions and disabilities.

This means we draw from the widest possible pool of talent and are securing, retaining and developing disabled staff who are skilled, loyal and hard-working. Our role as a Disability Confident Leader means we act as a champion for Disability Confident with our local and business communities and encourage other organisations to get involved.

You can find out more about Disability Confident at disabilityconfident.campaign.gov.uk

3. Race and ethnicity in the workplace

Increasing ethnic minority representation within our workforce and in senior leadership roles is an ongoing priority for our company. Ethnic minority employees account for more than a fifth of our workforce at 22.5% and we have made year-on-year improvements to the levels of ethnic minority representation in management positions.

To support this we recently re-developed our approach to inclusive recruitment, including the introduction of an Ethnic Minority Application Scheme that guarantees people interviews for management positions if they meet the minimum criteria for the role.

4. Sexuality and gender identity in the workplace

The Reed Group is listed in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. We are committed to ensuring that all employees are recognised and valued regardless of their gender identity.

To support those individuals who are transitioning while at work, we have a Transitioning at Work Policy. This is designed to provide an overview of the support available to employees, and also contains guidance for all our company about appropriate terminology when having discussions about transitioning.