UK EXA '22 Gold Award Winner

Provides services to support people in the community

What we do

These services are all defined by helping people from their current situation towards a positive destination.

They include support for young people to fulfil their potential, advice and guidance for migrants, and help for ex-offenders.

Whatever their circumstances, accessing our Reed Citizen Services team can help people change their lives for the better.

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Why us?

  • Great teamwork

    A feeling of a community and contributing to the team

    Everyone is encouraged to share ideas and best practice, with regular events and feedback

  • Flexibility and trust

    Opportunities to develop personally and professionally with access to training, mentoring, and other resources

    Progression opportunities through internal promotion and company diversification

  • Recognition and reward

    High performance recognised through internal initiatives, including financial and celebratory awards

    Opportunities to celebrate the good things we do

Why I love working here

“I have had numerous opportunities to progress, and I am continuously recognised and rewarded for my hard work.”

Kat, Business Manager

“You can genuinely change people’s lives for the better and make a real difference. Seeing this makes it a real satisfying role.”

Darryl, Settlement Support Adviser

“I love the fact that I am helping improve people's lives through work and love the support I get and how valued I feel as an employee.”

Kane, Key Worker

Examples of our roles

  • 1

    Settlement Support Adviser

    Settlement Support Advisers provide advice to aid service users to enable them to move on from asylum support. They provide guidance on a variety of critical issues, including access to accommodation, applying for welfare support, access to the labour market, and other relevant public services and support networks.

  • 2

    Criminal Justice Caseworker

    Criminal Justice Caseworkers assist people progressing through the justice system to successfully resettle in the community. Your aim is to help prevent them re-offending by giving them the access to sustainable education, training, and employment opportunities. You will have fantastic communication and problem-solving skills and be able to work with people from all kinds of backgrounds.

  • 3

    Enterprise Coordinator

    Enterprise Coordinators play an important role connecting employers with schools and colleges to help improve the quality and availability of careers advice for students. Your support and passion helps young people make better decision about their future and improve their skills, confidence, resilience, and knowledge.

  • 4

    Operations Manager

    Operations Managers lead our regional teams. You will have proven experience of managing first line managers, be confident monitoring performance information across the teams and leading, inspiring, and motivating teams.

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